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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans: What's The Big Deal?

Published: 31.05.2017

We all know that funeral parlours arrange funerals at the time of need, but did you know that you could pay for your funeral in advance, before the time of need arises? Read on to find out how you could get a cut price funeral just by planning ahead.

For most people, the cost of the funeral isn't the problem. Families may have purchased houses, weddings, cars, holidays, university fees, raised children and incurred many other expenses over the years which might cost more than a funeral. No - the problem is the size of the sum, combined with the fact that there has been no preparation for it.

A sudden death can compounded this, and a long illness often means that the person who died has had to live off of savings due to the inability to work. This means that whether a sudden death or after a long illness, funds can be low at the time of need.

A funeral plan takes the financial worry out of an already difficult time. So now we know that preparing means that we don't have the horrid financial shock, but where does the cut price come into it?

Funeral costs fall into two different categories: The parlour fees; and, the disbursements - third party fees we pay on your behalf. When you take out a funeral plan, your funeral parlour fees are fixed until the time of need. This effectively means that if you take out a funeral plan today and you don't need it for another 50 years, your parlour fees will still be fixed at today's price. It's that simple. No tricks.

Contact us today about arranging your funeral plan so that, the financial burden is removed and you could save a pretty penny too.

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