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Covid-19; Update 19 July 2021

The Gooding Funeral Services team, is regularly reviewing and adapting the way we work, so that you will continue to receive the best help through the most difficult circumstances. You can be sure that the service we deliver will meet the highest standards.

Your loved one will always be treated with the utmost care, respect and dignity at all times and we will continue to prioritise and protect your health, safety and wellbeing.

General Information

If you currently feel unwell, then we urge you to follow the current NHS Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidelines. The guidelines are designed to protect you and anyone that you are likely to come into close contact with.

At the time of writing, the Government is allowing mourners to attend funerals. Leeds City Council and other councils and local authorities are endeavouring to facilitate funerals and provide services in line with the current relaxing of the regulations.

If you feel unwell, you are pregnant or you are a vulnerable person at high risk, then you are strongly advised not to attend funerals in person.

As a responsible funeral service provider, we also seek to put into place, practical measures that are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of our clients, their families, our team and anyone we work with. We continue to work in line with current regulations and on the guidance of our professional body, the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD).

Working Together with You:

Call-out; When we are called to attend to the collection of a person who has died, we will ask you (or the informant) some additional questions which relate to COVID-19. Your answers will help us to prepare the correct equipment in advance of our arrival.

Collection; When we arrive at the location of the person who has died, our operatives will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and will advise those present, of the space needed to carry out their duties and to observe social distancing. Our operatives may request that the vicinity be vacated and fully ventilated, whilst they tend to your loved one. You can be sure that our operatives will remain sensitive and respectful at all times.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Specialist Care; We are pleased to introduce our new specialist care service, that is specifically designed for those who have passed away due to Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19. Families who choose this service can also participate with familial, traditional or cultural observances such as religious bathing or dressing and open coffin visitation.

This service is conducted by a British Institute of Embalmers professional, is BIE compliant and subject to risk assessment.

Our Premises; We work with elderly and vulnerable people in hospitals and care home settings. For the safety of the vulnerable people we come into contact with and for the wellbeing of our team, masks or face coverings must be worn by all visitors to our premises.

For the most part, our team will continue to work remotely however, we are pleased to offer appointments for specific services. Unfortunately, these services are not available to those who have been requested to self-isolate, have otherwise come into contact with someone who has Covid-19 or who has Covid-19 themselves.

Visitors must telephone to arrange an appointment with their funeral arranger, before they attend the premises as we are unable to admit anyone who arrives without an appointment. A maximum of two people may attend an appointment and you must each wear a protective face mask or face covering. Hand sanitiser will be available to all visitors from the pump station on reception.

You can be assured that we regularly review our already high policy standards of infection control and cleaning. Door handles, light switches and accessible hard surfaces will be wiped down and disinfected between visits.

Funeral Arrangements; Funeral arrangements and funeral plan meetings, will continue to take place over the telephone, email, via Zoom video calling and on the premises by appointment only. Unfortunately, we are unable to visit clients in their homes or places of work.

Documentation; We will always help our clients to complete all the necessary paperwork required to undertake a funeral. However, the signing of this paperwork, will continue to take place remotely - either electronically, by standard post or by hand delivery to your home. If you are unsure how to sign documentation electronically or you do not have access to the internet, please tell your arranger and they will help you.

Religious Observance & Cultural Practice;(non-Covid19 deaths only); We are pleased to offer families and religious communities the opportunity to attend to their loved-one in a way which reflects their religious observance or cultural practice. Attendance is by prior appointment only and for the safety of all, visitors will be required to observe some restrictions. Please call: 0113 210 7998 or ask your funeral arranger for further information.

Chapel of Rest; We are pleased to provide families the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved-one in our Chapel of Rest. Visits are available to non-Covid-19 cases and to our Covid-19 Specialist Care cases only. Chapel of Rest visits are by appointment only and with public health and social distancing in mind, visitors will be required to observe some restrictions. Please call: 0113 210 7998 or ask your funeral arranger for further information.

Going Home; Due to the current rules on self-isolation and social distancing, we are unable to take a person back to their home or to another residential address, prior to their funeral.

Floral Tributes; We are delighted to announce that we are now able to manage all your floral tribute orders and requests once again. You are welcome to discuss your floral requirements with your Gooding funeral arranger.

Limousines; We are pleased to welcome our brand new Mercedes limousines to serve clients and their families. For the sake of safety, specialist infection control glass has been installed - separating the driver from the passengers for your protection. Passenger numbers will be limited and passenger names must be provided in advance of the funeral. Limousine interiors and hard surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between funerals and sanitiser made available to passengers. For further details, please ask your funeral arranger.

Hugs & Handshakes; Our team is required not to make physical contact and to maintain a safe and practical distance. This is to protect our clients and their families as well as our staff and the people we work with to facilitate the running of funerals. You can be assured that a little distance won't prevent the friendly, caring and respectful service that we are known for.

Funeral Venues (Leeds); From Monday 19 July 2021, there will be no legal limits on the number of people who can attend funerals or commemorative events. Venue operators however, may choose to set their own limits. For the latest government guidance on funerals click here.

Remote & Virtual Funeral Services; For those who are not local and/or cannot attend the funeral in person, we can arrange live-stream footage or a video recording (or a combination of both services) for the entire funeral service, so that distance is no longer an issue for those who wish to mourn the loss of someone special. Again, please ask your Gooding Funeral Arranger for more information.

Private ambulance in operation 24 hrs, 365 days. Viewing is by appointment.

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