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From support with end of life planning, to advice about things to consider after the death of a loved one; we're here to help.

Practical Bereavement Advice

To access information about our services and an overview of the formalities surrounding a death, please use the section buttons below. Should you require further assistance, do call us on 0113 210 7998, or visit our funeral home - we'd be happy to help you.

Gooding Funeral Services looked after us when my father passed away. The care, attention, professionalism and love they showed was quite incredible. A fantastic company whom I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you x

Julian Jeoffrey

Registering a Death

Registering a Death

We find that things feel far less daunting when someone is there to hold your hand.  Let us guide you though the registration process.  

Registering a Death

Costs & Disbursements

Costs & Disbursements

All costs and fees are explained clearly and provided to you in full.  By providing a service that is clear and straightforward, our clients are confident and happy with the service they receive.

Costs & Disbursements

The Day Of The Funeral

The Day Of The Funeral

We will be there to support and guide you throughout the day of the funeral.  Our presence will allow you and your loved-ones, the space you will need to mourn and reflect upon your loss.  Lean on us.

The Day Of The Funeral

Things To Consider

Things To Consider

When someone passes away, there are often lots of things to organise, attend to and arrange.  It can be a very busy time, so we thought that a list of suggested items to consider, might be useful to you.

Things To Consider

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death?

A 'Medical Certificate of Cause of Death' is a document that confirms the details of a death. It is administered by the General or Medical Practitioner who usually attended to the person who has died, or who had treated them within two weeks of their passing.

If the person passed away in hospital, the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death may be collected from Hospital Bereavement Services. If death has occurred in a care home or hospice, then the care home or hospice manager will be able to provide you with this document after the General Practitioner has performed an examination.

Once you are in receipt of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, we can advise and assist you with registering the death.

How many people can be seated in a limousine?

Our limousines provide enough seating space for six people in the rear compartment, and room for one additional passenger seated beside the chauffeur.

Can we choose what music is played at the Crematorium?

As the client, you can decide which music will be played during the crematorium service. So long as your musical choice is in keeping with the final wishes of the person who has passed away (where specific instruction for music was left by the person who has passed away), your request is submitted to your funeral director in good time and your music will not offend those attending the service.

Can we request donations to charity?

Yes you can. Donations may be made via our online obituary page.

What can I do with the cremated remains?

There are a number of options available to clients when considering what to do with ashes:

  • Scattering in a Garden of Remembrance or other area dedicated for the purpose by the local authority.
  • Sikh and Hindu communities of Leeds are allowed to scatter ashes from a particular point on the banks of the River Aire, within the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey. This service is free of charge when using the facilities of the deceased's home local authority but charges may apply to use the provision of another local authority.
  • Strewing ie. the lifting of turf, sprinkling the ashes beneath and returning the turf to its original position. This is provided free of charge in Leeds
  • Interment of ashes. This is a chargeable service in Leeds
  • The purchase of a Sanctum 2000 (for the interment of ashes), which is then kept within the grounds of a Columbarium
  • Scattering on private land or out at sea, having sought and received permission from the relevant land, waterways or harbour authority.
  • Ashes may be placed into a traditional or modern memorial urn or divided and placed into a number of urns and given to loved ones and kept at home
  • Cast stone memorial garden ornaments
  • Placing ashes into one or several fireworks
  • Turn ashes into glass
  • Create jewellery, trinkets or keepsakes
  • Turn ashes into real diamonds
  • Add ashes to ink and have worked into a tattoo
  • Add ashes oil paint and have a work of art created
  • Have ashes pressed into a vinyl recording
  • Memorial space flights and lunar burials

There are an increasing number of wonderful and creative ways in which to memorialise a loved one, please contact us if you are interested in any of the above or if you have an idea of your own.

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