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Financial Help

In some instances, financial assistance for funeral services are provided to those who are either on state benefits or facing financial hardship. Please use the links below to access more information about eligibility, levels of assistance and how to apply.

General Financial Assistance:

Benevolent Funds

Civil, Education, Health & Military Service, Trade Union, Trade Association & Employer Backed Schemes

Some employers & professional bodies have trusts and schemes to help in times of financial hardship. This often includes help with funeral expenses and other bereavement expenses.If you or your loved one has a connection to any of the organisations listed below, you may be eligible for help from them.

  • BEN (Formerly, the Motor and Cycles Trade Benevolent Fund)

BEN offer assistance for past or present automotive industry workers and their families.

Financial funeral assistance for current EE or former BT, or GPO Telephones workers.

Financial assistance for nurses, midwives and student nurses.

Support for dance professionals and dance teachers including financial hardship.

Financial support for funerals other costs associated with bereavement for teachers.

For You By You offer advice and support on grants when a Civil Servant passes away.

Help with funeral and bereavement costs for musicians and their families.

Financial assistance for Nurses in the UK, this includes support financially & emotionally.

Financial advice and support for those working in Agriculture.

POOBI offer support and assistance to Post Office employees past and present. They have an emphasis on financial & emotional support for families of the deceased.

Assistance for current and former rail transport workers and their families.

Assisting postal workers and their families.

Financial help for members of the RAF and their families when they pass away.

Assisting farmers and their families when they're gone.

The Royal Medical Benevolent fund offers assistance when nurses are in a crisis. This could cover bereavement costs or other support services.

Financial assistance for doctors, medical students and their families when they pass away.

Assistance and financial support for teachers.

Assisting public transport workers and their families.

Assistance for Unison members and their families in times of crisis.

Assistance for members and their families.

Advice and support for veterans and their families.

Help with funerals and bereavement costs for ex Royal Naval or Royal Marines Service people and their families.

RNBT applications from the UK must be made via;

RNBT applications for overseas ex naval service personnel must be made via;

Other Avenues:

If you (or your loved one) belong to a religious community, private members club or social organisation that raises funds for members who are in need, they may consider you to be eligible for help with funeral costs. It's always worth getting in touch with them to ask. They may be able to help you.

Additional suggestions:

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Trade Associations

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