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Urns for Ashes & Cremation Caskets

In terms of ornamental urns for the safe keeping of cremation ashes; we have a beautiful range of both modern and traditional products. You will definitely find the perfect tribute to your loved one, as well a piece that will serve to protect them in your chosen place of rest.

We have a selection of hand finished, solid wood, cremation caskets, all of which are made from environmentally friendly materials. Some of these caskets offer the option to upgrade the finish to include Swarovski Crystals or shimmer coating.

We have a wide range of urns and scatter tubes. This includes glass fibre, ceramic, wooden and for those who wish to share ashes with other family members, we also have mini keepsake urns. Our eco friendly, earthern urns are entirely biodegradable and our scatter tubes can be personalised to include a design or image of your choosing.

Memorial Candles - You may wish to consider a simpler way to remember someone who has passed. Memorial candles offer a way to mark the memory of a special person. You can include their presence during family occasions, times of religious significance and during times of quiet reflection.

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Headstones, Plaques & Memorial Masonry

We will help you to select a memorial that is in keeping with the memory of person you have lost. We will also comply with the requirements of the cemetery or churchyard that you choose.

Our masons are experts in the field of masonry and engraving and have well over 40 years experience. We are experts in the repair and refurbishment of memorial headstones, plaques and other masonry. This means that we can help if memorials are chipped, damaged, vandalised or have generally suffered the ravages of time.

Our services include design and inscription and to make things easier, we will always help you with church yard or local authority paperwork, permits and permissions. When a burial is due to take place in an already occupied grave, we will arrange for the removal, safe storage and refitting of the original monument, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Due to the extensive range of high quality granite, stone, hand-crafted headstone styles, kerb sets, picture plaques and vases that we carry, we recommend that you arrange an appointment to visit, view our brochures and discuss your requirements with our experts.

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Ashes; Traditional Options

We can talk through and advise you on the options available, when considering what to do with ashes. Some of the more traditional choices for cremated ashes are:

  • Scattering in a Garden of Remembrance or similar area specifically dedicated by Leeds Bereavement Services or other local authority, for the placement of cremated remains.
  • Sikh and Hindu communities of Leeds are allowed to scatter ashes from a particular point on the banks of the River Aire, within the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey. This service is free of charge when using the facilities of the deceased's home local authority but charges may apply to use the provision of another local authority.
  • Strewing ie. the lifting of turf, sprinkling the ashes beneath and returning the turf to its original position. This is provided free of charge in Leeds.
  • Interment of ashes. This is a chargeable service in Leeds.
  • The purchase of a Sanctum 2000 (for the interment of ashes), which is then kept within the grounds of a Columbarium.
  • Scattering on private land or out at sea, having sought and received permission from the relevant land, waterways or harbour authority.
  • Ashes may be placed into a traditional or modern memorial ashes urn or divided and placed into a number of urns and given to loved ones and kept at home.

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Ashes; Modern Alternatives

If you'd like to discuss a more alternative or creative way to memorialise your loved one, we'd be happy to explore your ideas and help you with suggestions. Some of the more modern methods of memorialisation that we can assist with, are as follows:

  • Classical, cast stone, memorial garden ornaments with compartment for the placement of ashes
  • Ashes into (one or several) fireworks
  • Turn ashes into glass jewellery or ornaments
  • Create stained glass windows and ornamental art from ashes
  • Create jewellery, trinkets or keepsakes
  • Ashes into real diamonds
  • Add ashes to ink and have worked into a tattoo
  • Add ashes oil paint and commission a piece of art
  • Have ashes pressed into a vinyl recording
  • Memorial space flights and lunar burials

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