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The Grief Recovery Method® 

The Grief Recovery Method

Because grief is such a misunderstood and little talked about topic, by way of introduction, it may be useful to begin by saying what the Grief Recovery Method isn’t; it isn't counselling, therapy, nor is it an alternative treatment.

The Grief Recovery Method is an action plan created and approved by specialists in the field of bereavement, grief and loss. It is essentially the practice of taking a series of small steps, that when taken in order by the griever, will lead to the completion of all the unresolved business linked specifically to their loss. The wonderful thing about the Grief Recovery Method is that once learned, it can be applied effectively to the management of personal loss in other areas of life.

Our clients have found the practice has also helped them to manage the loss associated with unemployment, marriage and relationship breakdown, the decline or loss of good health, the loss of a pet and more.

Copies of the Grief Recovery Handbook are also available to purchase here. For further information on The Grief Recovery Method® or to make an appointment please see below for contact details:

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